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The video below shows you how to navigate the ecosystem map step-by-step.

The intended audience is anyone interested in improving facility-based service delivery and understanding how they can better support providers to achieve related goals, objectives, and targets. This may include donors, program implementers, facility managers, quality improvement teams, pre-service education faculty, and researchers who design, implement, and evaluate provider behavior change initiatives.

You can use this tool to inform critical thinking and reflection around provider behavior and its influences at any time, especially prior to intervention design. It can be used to inform intervention design, implementation, and evaluation. Below are ways to use this tool throughout the project life cycle.



It can help you understand and consider actors, entities, and other elements to be addressed and included in the design of an intervention. 



It can assist you in identifying barriers and gaps that need to be addressed as you modify an intervention to improve outputs and outcomes in the future. 



It can support different types of evaluation to understand the “why” behind the outputs and outcomes and identify important considerations for future interventions.

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